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Why not try Scrapbooking??

Here at Little Secrets gifts we have the most gorgeous range of unique, handmade, high quality scrapbooks that we love to customise to make them personal to each individual customer. Why not take a look at our beautiful scrapbook range for any occasion, from birthdays, weddings, summer, easter, mothers/fathers day, we really can make a scrapbook for any theme you wish. Shop our beautiful scrapbooks here.

Does anybody else keep all their old phones with the images on it? I have about 50,000 images over 4 phones, all of which are special photos that hold a lot of meaning and sentiment to them.

Scrapbooking makes a home for these memories. It motivates me to get organized. And as soon as I begin, I am SO thankful when I see dozens of wonderful memories that would have been forgotten.

Your photos deserve an album. One that sits on your shelf for your kiddos and your grandkids to look at. An album that you can flip through one day and remember all these great times that are happening way too fast.

I've seen beautiful scrapbooks that were incredibly minimal, just photos and a few stories included. I've also seen beautiful scrapbooks that were super artsy, pretty much an art journal with photos. Both are great options. It's up to you to decide what fits your style. Its like an Instagram page that other people  don't get to see. It is a personal way of keepsaking your special memories that are unique to you.

It's good to have a hobby you can do at home when you want to relax. When combined with guilty pleasure television and a glass of wine… perfect I say.

Little Secrets xx