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How to keep in touch during these uncertain times

We know how difficult it is during this pandemic. Whether you are lucky enough to live with your family, or partner, your mum and dad, grandparents, whoever! We are so lucky to be with others during this difficult time.

But we have to remember those that aren't so fortunate! Whether you have a grandparent self isolating at home, your mum or dad, or just any loved one. We know it is difficult knowing they could be lonely and miss you, but you have to remind yourself that it is for the best possible reason and outcome, and that once you get to cuddle them again, everything will be back to normal and okay.

So we have come up with some options to remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them and that you may not physically be together at the moment, they are always on your mind. 

Luckily the post is still running ( what would we do without it?), so why not post a gift today to make that somebody you miss feel that extra bit special, and during these uncertain times it will definitely make their day.

Here at Little Secrets Gifts we are offering FREE gift wrapping on all our products, just as a little goodwill gesture. So make sure you're still buying to cheer yourself up, and maybe gift someone else a little present to open to cheer them up aswell.

Happy Shopping,

Little Secrets xx